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An Australian Model of the First 1000 Days

Global Health, Epidemiology and Genomics
Rebecca Ritte, Stacey Panozzo, Leah Johnston, Joey Agerholm, Siv Kvernmo, Kevin Rowley & Kerry Arabena
June, 2016
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Internationally, the 1000 Days movement calls for action and investment in improving nutrition for the period from a child's conception to their second birthday, thereby providing an organising framework for early-life interventions. To ensure Australian Indigenous families benefit from this 1000 Days framework, an Indigenous-led, year-long engagement process was undertaken linking early-life researchers, research institutions, policy makers, professional associations and human rights activists with Australian Indigenous organisations and families. The resultant model, First 1000 Days Australia, broadened the international concept beyond improving nutrition.

The First 1000 Days Australia Model was built by adhering to Indigenous methodologies, a recognition of the centrality of culture that reinforces and strengthens families, and uses a holistic view of health and wellbeing. The Model was developed under the auspice of Indigenous people's leadership using a collective impact framework. As such, it emphasises Indigenous leadership, mutual trust and solidarity to achieve early-life equity.


Peer-reviewed article