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More than a Landlord


More than a Landlord was a pilot project for a household-level survey developed in partnership with Aboriginal Housing Victoria for clients living in Aboriginal housing in an urban community in Victoria.

In Victoria, it is estimated that between 11,000 and 16,000 Aboriginal people reside in social housing at any one time. This is a significant cohort, estimated at around 20 per cent, of the Victorian Aboriginal population. In accordance with social housing eligibility criteria, the majority of tenants are on welfare benefits and low incomes. Many also live with multiple and complex health and social needs including long-term illness and disability, mental health issues, and exposure to family violence and racism.

The overarching aim of this project was to build a better understanding of the needs, characteristics and aspirations of Aboriginal families living in social housing. The results of this study will assist Aboriginal Housing Victoria to provide improved services for its Aboriginal tenants through:

  • Better understanding the needs of Aboriginal people and families
  • Finding new ways to support Aboriginal people and families
  • Changing the way it supports Aboriginal households.

Indigenous Health Equity Unit

Dr Rebecca Ritte

Aboriginal Housing Victoria Life Coach and Peer Researcher Co-ordinator

Sam French

Aboriginal Housing Victoria Peer Researchers

Lucinda Jackson
Alisa Warden
Ketia Ahwang
Christine Kardum
Sharyn Lovett