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More than a Landlord Household Pilot Study Report

First 1000 Days Australia and Aboriginal Housing Victoria
June, 2018

The More than a Landlord project was initially developed by Aboriginal Housing Victoria or AHV and funded as a nutritional intervention through the Victorian Government’s Koolin Balit initiatives. The impetus for the project was the transfer of title of public housing stock from the Victorian Government to AHV. This transition facilitated an opportunity for new forms of engagement between the organisation, its tenants and other service providers.

A key aim of the More than a Landlord project was to pilot a cross-sectional, household-level survey undertaken with AHV tenants living in social housing in the City of Whittlesea, Victoria. To achieve this aim, AHV undertook a research partnership with First 1000 Days Australia, based at the Indigenous Health Equity Unit at the University of Melbourne, to provide proof-of-concept through a Household Pilot Study.

Community Report
Family, housing, survey