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Mr Sam Jeffries

Chairperson, National Centre for Cultural Competence, University of Sydney

Sam Jeffries, a proud Mooraworri man, is currently Chairperson, National Centre for Cultural Competence at the University of Sydney. Born and raised in Brewarrina NSW, he has lived in north-western NSW for much of his life and has been involved in Aboriginal Affairs since leaving school.

Sam has held a range of senior positions, directorships and adjunct academic appointments. His long-term leadership has been fundamental to the evolution of sustainable, authentically Aboriginal regional and local governance models through the ATSIC Murdi Paaki Regional Council and, later, Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly; and to ongoing negotiation of partnerships with the NSW and Australian Governments. He has co-authored two Indigenous policy journals and presented conference papers on public policy matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

As a Director of the Indigenous Land Corporation, Sam played a significant role in major investments for Aboriginal education, training, employment and business. Recently, he has achieved recognition of the regional governance structure that he leads as a vehicle for Local Decision Making under the NSW Aboriginal Affairs policy OCHRE. This will impact significantly on State government service delivery in western NSW, by re-aligning resources to match community priorities.