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Strengthening Families through the First 1000 Days Community Governance Symposium: Report

Kerry Arabena, Stacey Panozzo, Rebecca Ritte, Leah Johnston and Jasmine Lyons
October, 2015

This report details the program, proceedings and outcomes of the Strengthening Families through the First 1000 Days Australia Community Governance Symposium, the third of four symposiums to be held at, and led by, the University of Melbourne. Held on 27 August 2105, its aim was to provide the opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community people and organisations to focus on the development of community governance frameworks for the First 1000 Days Australia research sites being negotiated across the nation. Further to this, the Symposium offered a forum for participants to explore the cultural determinants of health and wellbeing during the First 1000 Days, and to consider ways in which to engage with and support families, to take and use strengths-based approaches, and to identify key methods for engaging fathers and extended family members in both modelling activities and the early years workforce.

Conference Report
Conference Report