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Vocational Training: Peer Researcher Training

This four-day Peer Researcher Training course is designed for tenants from Aboriginal Housing Victoria (AHV) and Aboriginal Public Housing to undertake household surveys as Peer Researchers. Run by researchers from the University of Melbourne, the course is being held in conjunction with First 1000 Days Australia and AHV.

The Peer Researcher Training course will give current and former tenants of AHV the skills and theoretical background to undertake household surveys safely and confidently; to guarantee data security and quality; to ensure survey participants are giving informed consent; and to understand the benefits of the research and how it will be used.

Course details

Day 1 will provide an overview of the Peer Researcher Training course and the More Than a Landlord project from AHV. It will introduce participants to the household survey, its tools and their development, and how to work with the survey technology.

Day 2 will discuss ethics and confidentiality issues around the data collected from the surveys. It will explain the concept of informed consent and the process of ensuring that participants are able to provide such consent.

Day 3 will take participants through the issues of personal safety, and data management and security while doing fieldwork. It will also cover the back end of data collection and how the collected data can be presented and used.

Day 4 will consolidate the course learnings through role-plays with experienced peer researchers. Participants will also have the opportunity to present their newly acquired skills to representatives from the University of Melbourne and AHV.

Course outcomes

The Peer Researcher Training course will provide participants with knowledge and skills to:

  • Safely undertake surveys in Aboriginal Housing Victoria households
  • Ensure quality and secure data collection
  • Understand what informed consent is and inform participants of exactly what it involves
  • Discuss how the research findings are being used by the research team
  • Present information clearly and succinctly to groups of people.

Who should apply

Tenants and former tenants of Aboriginal Housing Victoria and Aboriginal Public Housing are encouraged to participate.

Upcoming Courses: 

The Peer Researcher Training course dates for Semester 2 will be announced soon.